Step 9: Can We Move in Yet?

As construction draws to a close, there will still be a few things to do before you can move in (take occupancy). We will leave your home clean and ready for your occupancy. You will need to conduct a thorough walk-through with us to make a list (punch list) of things that need to be corrected. We will provide you with an inspection list to check off or add items to that need correction. It is a good idea to inspect your home prior to our arrival so you do not miss anything. Feel free to list anything you notice. After all, you are paying for a new home and it should be top quality. Your lending institution will most likely hold some of our money (punch list escrow) until we have fixed all items on the punch list. Give us a couple of days to get things right since we may need to have subcontractors back out to your new home.

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