Step 5: The Final Decision

When you have received each builder's bid price it is time to make the decision (if you have not already made it) of which builder to choose. If they are all in the same ball park, then choose the builder you have been most impressed with during the bid process. If you do not get at least a couple of bid prices in the same ballpark, then it might be a good idea to get another builder to bid the plans. As we stated earlier, if one bid is well below the others, this should throw up a caution flag. If you were very impressed with that particular builder then tell him his bid was "inconsistent" with other bids and ask him to re-look at his numbers. Once you inform your builder that he is your choice, it is a good idea to meet with him again prior to signing the contract documents. Ask him when he can begin construction. Also, ask him to refigure any changes you may have made from the original bid price.

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